Scott Weiland does Crystal Meth

Stone Temple Pilot frontman Scott Weiland is keeping himself busy (and out of trouble) now that STP has wrapped their Return of the Rock tour with Godsmack and Disturbed. His first order of business will be joining the duo Crystal Method in the studio to record vocals for a track on their next album. Method's Ken Jordan said they'd wanted to work together since 1998, when Weiland and Crystal Method shared the same radio-festival bill. "After we got done performing, we found out that he wanted to come onstage with us," Jordan said. "He had a whole vocal part written for one of our tracks, but we didn't know until after the set. We would've loved it."

They sent him a few underdeveloped tracks for this album, and he chose one to work with and will be recording with them at the end of the month. Weiland will also be working with California hip hop group Underdogs in the coming weeks on their debut album, which he'll release on his label, Lavish Records. He met one of the guys in the band last year in that networking paradise that is prison.

STP plan to regroup in January to work on their fifth album.

Source: MTV Online

Scott Weiland does Crystal Meth