Eminem vs. Everlast: Round 3

Everlast comes out swinging (again) with a recently recorded battle track called "Whitey's Revenge," a response to Eminem's song "I Remember," itself a response to Everlast's remix of Dilated Peoples' "Ear Drums Pop," where he rhymed, "I'll buck a 380 on ones that act shady/ You know you ain't the one that repped peckerwood status." Got all that? Good. Eminem went after Everlast's career, age, and heart problems in "I Remember" (a B-side to the D-12 single, "Shit on You").
The latest installment, "Whitey's Revenge," pulls no punches (ok, enough with the boxing metaphor), and it's even dedicated to Em's mother, who is waging a very public legal battle with her son.

On the track, Everlast asks "Will the real Slim Shady please act up?" and suggests they take their little skirmish outside and back up their words. He also questions Eminem's sexuality and accuses him of being an ecstasy junkie. He even taunts Mr. Shady about his high-profile marital problems, and suggests, "You better check your kid for DNA." And it doesn't stop there.
He accuses Em of being a mainstream sellout and a fake gangster (a la Vanilla Ice?) . Commenting on the track, Everlast admitted that Eminem's MC talent is undeniable, but that he takes lyrical shots at easy targets like Britney Spears's and 'Nsync, when he should be big enough to take on real men. Eminem has yet to comment on the latest diss.

Source: Sonicnet

Eminem vs. Everlast: Round 3