Brothers Gonna Work U2 Out

The Chemical Brothers have been confirmed as the support for the U2
show this upcoming weekend in New York City. The gig, being held on December 5, is at
Irving Plaza which, coincidentally, is the location of the Chemical Brothers
premiere New York appearance, back in 1995. This opening slot opportunity is even more
attractive for the Brothers, as it is U2's only US appearance in 2000, as the
planned show in Los Angeles has apparently been shelved.

Both acts are touring on recent releases, with U2 supporting their 11th full-length,
All That You Can't Leave Behind and the Chemical Brothers have just put
out a new 6-song EP, Music Response, in stores last week. If you aren't able to get tickets to this madhouse affair, fret not, for U2 will return
for a full-blown U.S. tour in March of 2001.

Source: Allstar/CDNow

Brothers Gonna Work U2 Out