Kravitz in Cuff Confusion

Lenny Kravitz, world-renowned bank robber, was detained by Miami police on Friday. Confused? So was he! Kravitz and his trainer were on their way to
the gym, when the rocker was handcuffed and subjected to fifteen minutes of questioning
about a recent robbery. Although he identified himself many times, he was not released
until a bank staff member was brought to the scene to identify whether or not he was the

Kravitz wondered whether or not he was picked up based on racial profiling. "You
think that [racial profiling could have been at play] on one hand, and on the other hand you
say, 'Well, I did fit the description somewhat,'" Kravitz said. "I'm kind of torn
between [the opinions]. But what I need to find out is why I was cuffed first." The police
had been looking for a black, afro-wearing, unshaven suspect, in a t-shirt and green pants.
When Kravitz was picked up, he had not shaved, had on olive khakis and was
unable to produce ID at the time. Although the officers apologized, Kravitz has
consulted his legal counsel about possible action.

Source: Sonicnet

Kravitz in Cuff Confusion