Trent Reznor Auditions Ladies To Sing On Next Album

Nine Inch Nails are holding auditions for women on their new album. Trent Reznor says he would prefer a woman's touch for the new recordings. In this week's Kerrang! Trent Reznor says, "I'd like to find someone whose views I could be sympathetic to. All ladies with golden voices (not showers) can send their stuff to NIN recently released their remix album Things Fall Apart, which reworked a bunch of tracks off of the band's double LP "The Fragile". Reznor has new material that he claims is "much more aggressive and icy" than their last offering.

Reznor feels that there is no comparison between the new (and yet to be released tracks) and their last studio effort. "Right now, it's the opposite of The Fragile. It's got less guitar and more electronic stuff. But it's much more aggressive and violent."

In Kerrang! Reznor also confirmed that he and his other project Tapeworm will be hooking up with Tool / A Perfect Circle man Maynard James Keenan. "We have a lot of material waiting to be finished. I need to put the band's parameters in stone. I don't want it to be 10 songs with 10 different singers that sound like 10 different bands. Maynard sings with me on one metallic song. My wish list would also include Phil from Pantera. He does vocals for [them] in Nothing Studios [linked to Reznor's record label of the same name] and we're friends, but I can't tell you for sure whether he'll be a part of Tapeworm."

Look out for a live NIN album which will be released "in the first part of 2001" along with a DVD and video from their American tour this year.

Source: NME

Trent Reznor Auditions Ladies To Sing On Next Album