Corgans, Corgans Everywhere!

The Smashing Pumpkins performed live for the next to last time on November 29
and were joined on-stage by none other than Billy Corgan's father, Bill Corgan
Sr. The band's show at the United Center, in their hometown of Chicago, lasted for
over three hours and contained three encores. Corgan Sr. came on stage for
"For Martha," the second time he had appeared with his son's band. The Pumpkins
conclude their live career Saturday night at the Metro.

But little Billy, not one to sit still for long, already has his eyes on other prizes. He
has teamed up again with Jonas Akerlund, who directed the Pumpkins' "Try,
Try, Try" video, this time writing an instrumental score for a new Akerlund film,
"Try", a 15 minute piece based on the aforementioned video.

Source: Benzedrine/NME

Corgans, Corgans Everywhere!