Pavement Singer Steven Malkmus To Release Solo Record

Stephen Malkmus, the main cat of the now defunct alt rock lords Pavement, confirmed the track listing for his upcoming solo record. 12 new tracks will appear on the yet to be titled Malkmus album, which will be released February 13, 2000. The album will slam courtesy of the Matador label and will feature Malkmus' new rhythm section,
Joanna Bolme on bass and John
Moen on drums, collectively known as the Jicks.

The confirmed tracklisting for the album is:

The Black Book


Jo Jo's Jacket

The Hook

Discretion Grove

Church On White


Pink India

Trojan Curfew

Vague Space

Jennifer And The Ess-Dog


Malkmus rapped with NME about his new stuff and said, "I hate to
say it, but it is the same as Pavement with a different rhythm section. I wish it was a
big departure but it's hard to depart from yourself without being a poseur! The live
show won't be as fun - at least at first. But maybe I can just step out more on guitar.
Just what the world needs - more guitar solos."

Source: NME

Pavement Singer Steven Malkmus To Release Solo Record