Slash Shows Off Wide Vocabulary on Live TV

Ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist and top hat model Slash caused quite a ruckus
when swearing on live UK TV over the weekend. Appearing on the children's show
CD:UK, Slash was asked what the strangest rumor was he'd ever heard about
himself, and he stated "when I heard I'd got a blowjob in a bar one time." The flustered
presenter then tried to quickly move on to viewer questions. In response to an inquiry as to
whether any of Slash's many pet reptiles had ever bitten him, he said that just last
month he'd been "fucking bitten."

One of the the show's presenters apologized directly after the interview and Slash's
interview segment was completely removed from a later rebroadcast of the show.
Slash was in London for two sold out shows of Slash's Snakepit and will
auditioning soon for live US children TV appearances as well. Mr. Rogers, here he

Source: BBC Online/Music 365

Slash Shows Off Wide Vocabulary on Live TV