Ad-Rock Fights For Eminem's Right To Party

First generation white-rapper-that-mattered Adam "Ad-Rock" Horowitz has come to
the defense of third generation (remember 3rd Bass?) white-rapper-that-matters
Eminem. It seems the Beastie Boys founder finds a symmetry between his
career beginnings and that of nu-skool rabble rouser Eminem, as he remembers that
the Beasties were also labeled homophobic and sparked an uproar with their
sexually charged lyrics.

Horowitz thinks that although Eminem should be held responsible for his
lyrics, that American society is equally to blame. "You can't take all the blame off of him, but
you also got to put the blame on a society that, in America at least, raises boys to be sexist, to
be homophobic, to be knuckleheads," Horowitz declared. He realized his early work was
sexist, but that they had altered their views and hoped Eminem could, too. "'Fight
For Your Right To Party' is stupid. Eminem, the shit that he says, is 'Fight For Your
Right To Party 2000.' It's ignorant (but) it gives me hope people can change."

We expect Eminem's Buddhist conversion and dating of third division actresses

Source: NME

Ad-Rock Fights For Eminem's Right To Party