Juliana Hatfield Redelivers Blake Babies

Juliana Hatfield and her baaaaston trio the Blake Babies will release a new album God Bless The Blake Babies in February 2001. Although no label affiliation is currently known, the album is in the final recording stages and should have no trouble finding a home. The trio of Juliana Hatfield, John Strohm, and Frida Love also plan to hit the road after the album is released. According to Juliana, the new songs were "more relaxed and more mellow, but we still kind of sound like ourselves only just older."

Lending a frisky hand in the recording process will be Juliana's longtime bud Evan Dando of the Lemonheads. Dando acted as a contributor and overseeing eye to the entire reunion process according to drummer Frida Love. "He (Dando) played bass on some songs, hung out". "We did one of his songs that he sang on, and he sang back-up on some stuff. He added a lot to it, actually. He's a really great musician."

God Bless the Blake Babies track listing is as follows (in sequence):


Nothing Ever Happens

Baby Gets High

Waiting for Heaven

Until I Almost Died

Picture Perfect

When I See His Face

What Did I Do

Brain Damage

Civil War

Invisible World


Source: Benzedrinerecords.com

Juliana Hatfield Redelivers Blake Babies