Verve Pipe Lays More...Pipe

The Verve Pipe have returned to the studio and begun recording the follow up their 1999 self-titled album. Fountains of Wayne dude Adam Schlesinger will produce the yet to be titled album, which is being recorded in Chicago. "We're just huge fans of Fountains of Wayne. I heard Utopia Parkway and I wondered if any of those guys produced. One of them did," lead singer Verve Pipe Brian Vander Ark says. "He's a bit of a neophyte, but he's so far the best we've ever worked with. He's a songwriter first."

The Verve Pipe, whose biggest hit to date is the "Freshman", has written 14 songs, most of which have a "happier," summery feel. "Donny Brown wrote five [of the songs]," says Vander Ark. "Donny's not so serious, not as dark as I am. I think that rubbed off on me. It's very commercial, really radio-friendly. It will help us re-establish the band."

The album is due out in April 2001, the same time Vander Ark's film debut Rock Star (formerly called Metal God), hits theaters everywhere. Vander Ark plays the bass player in a fictional band that hires the lead singer of a cover band to head up the group. "I had to learn to play the bass," he says, "but Jeff Pilson of Dokken taught me how to play. And you can't get any more rockin' than Dokken." Rock Star also stars Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston, and can be seen in April.

Source: CDNow

Verve Pipe Lays More...Pipe