Beck Does Online B-Sides Album

If you are a fan of Beck, and you haven't logged on to his web site yet, now there is a cool incentive to do it. Beck will be releasing an album entirely comprised of B-sides and remixes exclusively in his web site at The special disc will offer 9 tracks, including two winners of a "Mixed Bizness" remix competition. Beck recently played a benefit show at the Knitting Factory in LA for Petra Hayden, as well as this year's annual Bridge School Benefit show.

The CD will be for sale soon on the site, so keep checking in to find out when you can pick it up. Below are the tracks on the disc:

1. Arabian Nights

2. Dirty Dirty

3. Midnite Vultures

4. Mixed Bizness (Latin-Shot mix by Scatter-Shot Theory)

5. Mixed Bizness (Hardmixn by Jake Kozel)

6. Salt in the Wound

7. Sexx Laws (Malibu Remix)

8. Zatyricon

9. Nicotine and Gravy video

Source: Music 365

Beck Does Online B-Sides Album