Daft Punk Da' Funkin' It Up In 2001

Everybody put your hands in the air and shake 'em like you just don't care! And you will, as dance faves Daft Punk have announced plans to release an album in March of next
year. The album, the follow up to 1997's Grammy-nominated Homework will contain the new single "One More Time" featuring US house music cornerstone
Romanthony on vocals. The single, released this week, is being banged by club DJs worldwide and is receiving US specialty show play as well.

Much of the album is shrouded in secrecy; even the album's title is not yet fully known. Sonicnet is reporting that it will be entitled Discovery, while the NME is reporting that
the name is down to four potential titles, but that "Discovery" may not even be one of the names in the running. The world waits with baited breath...

Source: Sonicnet/NME

Daft Punk Da' Funkin' It Up In 2001