Travis Welcomes Peeping Toms

You know how much you love those voyeuristic websites? The ones where you can watch
people do whatever they might be choosing to do in front of the camera? You know how
much you love bands? Well, now, it's two great tastes that taste great together! (Your band is
on my webcam! Your webcam is watching my band!) Scottish media darlings
Travis have set up a webcam in their studio, as they record the follow-up to the
critical and commercial success that was The Man Who.

The biggest guitar pop band in the UK is currently recording their third album and have laid
down one new track, "Shut The Folk Up" and have also covered "You're A Big Girl Now"
by Bob Dylan, both of which are expected to be contained on the album, due
sometime in 2001.

Source: Music 365

Travis Welcomes Peeping Toms