KTCL's Not-So-Silent Night Festival Wrap-up

The Line-up was huge for market 23, The Bloodhound Gang, Everclear, V.A.S.T., Two Skinnee J's, and Nickleback, all rocked the piss out of the Fillmore in Denver, for KTCL's Not-So-Silent Night on December 9th. Nerf, the promotions director for KTCL gives us a behind the scenes look at this year's concert.

Leading up to the night of the show, Ticket sales rose nicely and
put us in the black, but meanwhile, managing this "all-star line-up" was
becoming increasingly difficult. Setting aside the Bloodhound Gang's
demands of Skittles separated by color on their rider, attitudes and
management issues plagued this concert. First of all, the recent company
shifts in the record industry has left some high quality bands with serious
organization issues. The Two Skinnee J's have no label, no management, and
no CD! Contacting this band was difficult, let alone negotiating with them.
Eddie Eyeball, the acting manager, makes a great bassist. Meanwhile,
Everclear's desire to both headline the show, and make their 9:30 bedtime
became a growing stumbling block. After KTCL finally insisted that they
play last, and every bit as long as a headliner should, the band's
management took matters into their own (under) hands. Everclear leveraged
the other bands in the line-up, to play shorter sets, to get themselves off
the stage sooner. Needless to say, this made The Clear Channel concert
division, less than pleased. This was the situation that would finally come
to a head on KTCL's Not-So-Civil Night.

The scrims got hung by the stage with care, with hopes that the walk
up would soon be there. All told, the day of the show went so smoothly it
was eerie. The bands that had been contacted by Everclear, were asked to
play their full, agreed upon sets, and none put up much of a fuss. The
Fillmore looked great, and all the band's made it to town on time, and the
crowd stretched around the block. We had smooth "meet and greets" with
every band, and the crowd was amped! No explosions, no angry mobs, no
attitudes... yet. KTCL's Not-So-Comfortable Night.

It wasn't until Two Skinnee J's, Nickleback, and V.A.S.T. had
already left the stage that the Fruit Cake hit the Fan. The headliner had
been foiled in their diabolical plan to get to bed before 10, and it looked
like management had yet to tell the band. When the "ever-so-sleepy" band
finally got wind, the "silence" was broken. The subsequent shouting
matches, erupted and spread throughout the "behind the scenes" areas of the
Fillmore. Stage managers called in house managers, who called in production
managers, who called talent buyers, who called in program Directors, who
don't react well to getting an ear full from one of the bands they support
on any one of their hoard of Clear Channel stations. To say the very least,
KTCL was much less than satisfied with Everclear's performance. KTCL's
Not-So-Happy PD.

The crowd was never the wiser, and compliments flooded the request
lines, but for Everclear (who played until 11:45pm rather than midnight),
their attitude will no doubt have a long lasting effect, on the course of
their career. Put the word out that dealing with this band, is not worth
the tickets they can sell for a concert. After a show that will be
remembered for Holiday seasons to come, it seems that Everclear was a
"Not-So-Worthwhile Band"!

Source: Nerf@KTCL.com

KTCL's Not-So-Silent Night Festival Wrap-up