Metallica Sues Again...Will They Ever Have Enough Money?

Metallica, one of the biggest selling rock acts in the world has once again filed a lawsuit, this
time for trademark infringement against perfume manufacturer Guerlain. In addition to the
suit against Guerlain, the band, who are only $280 million dollars away from declaring
bankruptcy themselves, also filed suit against the upscale department stores Neiman-Marcus
and Bergdorf Goodman on Friday (Dec. 8) in U.S. District Court for the Central District of

In addition to the trademark infringement, Metallica are also suing for everything but the kitchen sink including false designation of origin, dilution, unfair competition, and injury to business reputation. The rockers who have been in the biz who nearly 20 years, and have core fans everywhere in the world feel their black t shirt wearing long haired fans, might mistakenly purchase the vanilla-scented perfume called Metallica (thinking it has something to do with the band.)

The band went to the supreme court to battle to Napster crew, and settled a similar lawsuit in January against Victoria's Secret over a line of lip pencils named Metallica.

Source: CD Now News

Metallica Sues Again...Will They Ever Have Enough Money?