Ashcroft Breaks Two Ribs and Cancels Tour

Now WE are the ones who are Mad! For the second time this year, Richard Ashcroft was forced to cancel shows. Earlier this year Mad Richard cancelled his US tour due to "illness", and tragically fell offstage Tuesday night in Birmingham breaking two ribs and injuring his back. Despite the pain and embarrassment, Ashcroft came back after the fall to perform an encore. Doctor's brought down the hammer and Richard had to cancel the two remaining UK dates at London's Brixton Academy (Thursday, December 14 and Friday, December 15).

Ashcroft's solo debut Alone With Everybody won the critic's hearts early on, creating an immediacy for Ashcroft's live shows. The former singer of the Verve is still expected to embarks on his rescheduled 14 date
American tour in January and the London dates
will be rescheduled for February. If you have tickets to the London shows, you must keep hold of them as tickets will not be reissued and the tour has sold out.

Source: Music 365

Ashcroft Breaks Two Ribs and Cancels Tour