Rage Unload Furry of Live Tracks on web

The worst thing that political and extremely vocal "anti" bands like Rage Against The Machine can do is ban fans from downloading their music off of the internet. The band already claimed that their management made the final decision to boot thousands of fans from borrowing "Renegade" tracks off of Napster. Now in the spirit of the holiday season, Rage have made several tracks available including live stuff from Reading Festival 2000 on their official web site - http://www.ratm.com.

Once guitarist Tom Morello found out about what happened, he posted a message saying, "Rage against The Machine
would like to sincerely apologize to
all our fans who were kicked off
Napster for downloading
"Renegades". The move to take
action was taken completely
unilaterally by our new
management...as soon as I was
made aware of this horrible
mistake on their part, I immediately
phoned our management and
record company to see what we
could to get our Napster using
fans reinstated as soon as

Most of the tracks available are live tracks, as well as the covers featured on the Renegades CD. In addition to the audio downloads, there are a series of live videos from their festival appearances from across the world.

Source: NME

Rage Unload Furry of Live Tracks on web