Portis Head's to Australia to record new album

The electro mood outfit Portishead will embark to Australia to record their third studio album. According to the band's Adrian Utley, the group is extremely anxious and excited to attack the studio once again, after going through a period when the group collectively "had enough of Portishead." The band's last release was in 1998, when they dropped PNYC, recorded at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC.

Adrian Utley spoke exclusively with bristolsound.co.uk about what lies on the frontier for the band. "Towards the end of touring last time we were all pretty f**ked up and weíd had enough of Portishead. But itís going to be nice to start again. Weíve got a few ideas, but we havenít got specific in any way. Weíll just see what happens. Last time we went to Ridge Farm which was really, really expensive and we didnít use a hundredth of the facilities theyíve got there," Utley admits. "So we thought weíd go to nice places to work, instead of just another studio in another part of England. And it should be nice and warm."

Portishead hope to have the new record complete and in stores by the end of the year. When the question popped up about the new album being "sunnier", Utler replied, "Christ I donít know. Itíd be good, but I donít know."

Source: Music 365

Portis Head's to Australia to record new album