The Orb enters Cydonia...finally

Chill out rooms everywhere beware, The Orb will spin out their first piece of muse since 1997, Cydonia on February 27. Dr. Alex Patterson, the brainchild of this Orb outfit, talked about the new album with MTV Online. "I suppose it's a relief, or a release. "I am very happy that it's gonna come out. I just wish it could have taken a little bit less time." The record was actually completed in 1998, but due to the good old fashioned "industry politics", the record had to await the outcome of the Universal/Polygram merger. The Orb did release a best of compilation in 1998 called U.F. Off, which was released on Island. Cydonia will finally see the light of day courtesy of MCA Records.

The February 27th release of Cydonia will be preceded by a single called "Once More", which John Digweed (among others) has already bootlegged and remixed. Digweed, using the alias "Bedrock", used the track on Sasha and Digweed's Communicate record last year.

"Rather than make it some kind of 4/4, out-there techno music, which is pretty much what we've done in a lot of respects, it's very much in the same experimental side as Orbus Terrarum," Paterson said about the new album. "But it's got sort-of songs, rather than not. Instead of 15-minute epics, it's like four-minute tracks."

Cydonia, the Orb's first studio album since 1997's is titled after a region of Mars that has been purported to be the site of an ancient Martian city. (The recent action film "Mission to Mars" was set in Cydonia).

Source: MTV Online

The Orb enters Cydonia...finally