Noel Sued by ex-wife for $10 Million Dollars

Word around the British tabloid campfire is that his ex wife is suing wee Noel Gallagher for $10 million dollars. The Mirror reports that on Tuesday January 9, the guitarist for the world famous Oasis offered his estranged wife Meg Matthews a 3 million dollar divorce settlement before Christmas, which his wife dismissed as "derisory." Matthews is trying to rape the talented musician for 7 million in cash, and the couples Ibiza getaway home valued at 1.5 million dollars. According the Mirror, Matthews even insists that Noel buy her a new London home. The Manchester band once said they were the greatest band on Earth, and I guess this kind of baggage comes with that self proclaimed title.

If Matthews does not get her way, she is prepared to spill the beans about intimate details regarding the couple's marriage. In September, the couple battled for the custody of their daughter Anais, issuing a statement saying, "We wish to make it clear that we have made absolutely no final arrangements regarding our relationship, nor did we ever sign a pre-nuptual agreement. In particular the story printed in The Mirror today that we are
fighting over custody of Anais and that either of us have ever questioned the fitness of the other to be a parent is totally untrue and deeply offensive to both of us. For the sake of Anais in particular we would ask the press to have the common decency and respect to let us continue to sort out our problems in private as we have done until now."

Meanwhile Oasis will play this year's Rock In Rio festival on on January 14 with Guns N Roses and Papa Roach.


Noel Sued by ex-wife for $10 Million Dollars