Albarn Has Massive Attack

People sure are into collaborations these days. First, it's chocolate and peanut butter,
then P.J. Harvey and Thom Yorke and now this. Massive
Attack, always known for inviting other artists to work with them on their records,
as is evidenced by past albums including Everything But The Girl's Tracey Thorn
, Craig Armstrong and Liz Frazier of the Cocteau Twins,
have roped in more guests this time around. For their new record, due out in the
summer, they've collaborated with none other than Damon Albarn of

Albarn, however, won't be adding vocals to any Massive Attack songs,
but has actually written two for them. "(Damon's) got a lot on
his plate at the moment and I think he liked the idea of writing something for someone
else, " stated half of Massive Attack, Robert '3D' Del Naja . The trip-hop
outfit from Bristol has already recorded a whopping 85 songs for their new album, but
are taking 15 of those tracks "more seriously."


Albarn Has Massive Attack