Slipknot hooks up with Manson - Evil on the Horizon

Slipknot, who recently pulled their own video from most music channels because they felt it poorly represented the bad, will hook up with Dr. Evil Marilyn Manson.
Joey from Slipknot, who as a band are notorious for their clown masks and diabolical stage antics, is tapped to remix "The Fight Song", which will be Manson's next single. Joey said about the collaboration, "Itís like a Hellís Angel in the front row at a Slayer gigî. Manson recently rocked MTV during their new year's eve celebration.

Slipknot will begin remixing next week and continue to focus on their new record due out in 2001. Marilyn Manson was recently nominated for a Grammy for Best Metal Performance for "Astonishing Panorama Of The
Endtimes" which was featured in both "The Last Tour On Earth" and from the "MTV Celebrity Deathmatch" (Various Artists) CD.

Source: Music 365

Slipknot hooks up with Manson - Evil on the Horizon