Jason Newsted Leaves Metallica

Sometimes the rock 'n' roll just gets to you, it seems. Jason Newsted, for the last 14 years the bassist for metal superheroes and enemies of Napster, Metallica, has announced that he
is leaving the band due to "private and personal reasons and the physical damage I have done to
myself." Newsted issued a statement that in part read, "This is the most difficult decision
of my life, made in the best interest of my family, myself and the continued growth of Metallica.
I extend my love, thanks and best wishes to my brothers: James (Hetfield), Lars (Ulrich) and Kirk (Hammett) and the rest of the Metallica family, friends and fans who have made these years so unforgettable."

The remaining three Metallica members, do not have a replacement lined up and have stated that they will audition bassists
this year, in hopes of recording a album late this year or early in 2002.

Source: Sonicnet

Jason Newsted Leaves Metallica