Daft Punk Makes New Album Discovery

Daft Punk will finally release the follow up to their booty shaking cosmic blast Homework, when they push out Discovery on March 12 via Virgin Records. Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Honem Christo (the Punks Daft) will have added help from Romanthony and DJ and house producer Todd Edwards
on Discovery. Daft Punk have been spreading the word that Thomas Bangalter and
Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo actually "died" on September 9, 1999, when
their sampler detonated, and
Discovery is the work of a duo

Daft Punk recently spoke with The Face magazine, and explained their
personal low profile was made "partly to instigate and perpetuate the Daft Punk myth"
and to "place the importance on the music from the start".

Bangalter added: "I think that when we turned out to be robots and we realized we
could write this funny stuff on our faces, we thought it would be nice and more
interesting than our previous faces. It's true that the music might have been the only
thing we wanted to show in the past...it has more and more progressed to a wider
spectrum and really something more audio-visual.

"We had this idea of experiences that happen to the robot...the robot made discovery.
Discovery is about discovering things."

de Homem-Christo also spoke of the duo's influence on dance music. He said:
"There are two ways of seeing that when it happens to you. To take it very seriously
and try to grab it and stay ahead and always think about that. Or then take it like a
dream and being thankful every time it does something good. We take it like a child who
sees a toy or whatever: it's funny and it's making us happy, but it's not like we get a
big head when the success comes."

Discovery will roll out March 12, and here is what you will hear.

One More Time(feat Romanthony)


Digital Love

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger




High Life

Something About Us


Veridis Quo

Short Circuit

Face To Face

Too Long (feat Romanthony)

Source: NME

Daft Punk Makes New Album Discovery