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Depeche Mode Is Back

The last time Depeche Mode recorded a full length was in 1997 when we heard Ultra. 1998 DM released their Singles album and was rumored to have finally called it quits. Rumors are rarely true (except for Richard Gere / Gerbil, and Rod Stewart / Sperm - Those are both very true). Depeche Mode will release Exciter this May, grabbing the moniker from a contest winner from Berlin. Contestants were asked to unscramble letters on the site over a three day period, and Exciter took the cake. The lucky winner will receive a personal copy of the new album before itís national release.

Exciter is expected to fly off shelves in May, and we will know information about their first single next week. Depeche Mode is rumored to ignite a world tour across the US in June, but at this point that is still a rumor.

Source: NME

Depeche Mode Is Back