Gwenmars Psyches Out Metro in Chicago

Gwenmars made Timothy Leary
smile somewhere in outer space Saturday night, when the post cyber-gothic punkers escorted Chicago's Metro onto their synthetic spaceship joy ride. The band have been on the road for the past week, teasing ear drums with a preview of their Driving A Million release schedule for March 6, 2001. The Cornerstone Player 0.18 highlighted the band's first cybertronic single Hurry Up, an uber highway of synthetic fuzz rock, magnified beyond oblivion.

Gwenmars' set was mesmerizing with an array of smoke and flying bubbles that helped ease the crowd into their sanctum. Singer/guitarist Mike Thrasher, helped propel this circle of style into a pulsating fury which lasted about thirty solid minutes. Mostly new cards were being dealt by the dealers, with Venus being ripped into like a knife caressing an immaculate stick of butter, rendering it helpless

We are extremely excited about the direction Gwenmars is taking music. Remember Pop Rocks (the candy)? How you were excited with anticipation that something was going to detonate inside your mouth. Then once all of the rocks were popped, you were left with a sugar rush paralyzing the worldís strongest diabetic? As soon as you pop Gwenmars latest addiction DRIVING A MILLION into your player, they will grab you and hold you hostage for the duration. DRIVING A MILLION soars with extreme velocity down that space rock highway, pausing briefly only to refill their tank with tastier cosmic jams.

Source: Jason Anfinsen

Gwenmars Psyches Out Metro in Chicago