Buck Puts Killing Spree on Hold, Tours with Minus 5

"Usually at this time of year I go on a tri-state killing spree," Peter Buck said in a statement recently, "But this year I decided to go on tour with the Minus 5." Mmmm, comforting. The R.E.M. guitarist will join the band for a short U.S. tour, including an appearance on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" on March 13th. Minus 5 are hitting the road to support their upcoming split CD, Minus 5 vs. The Young Fresh Fellows' "Let the War Against Music Begin"/"Because We Hate You," due out Feb. 27th. The tour will begin in late Feb. in Seattle.

For Buck, this is just a warm-up before the May release of R.E.M.'s umpteenth studio album, "Reveal." Last weekend, the group played its first show since the fall of 1999 at the Rock In Rio Festival in Rio De Janiero, unveiling two songs -- "The Lifting" and "She Just Wants To Be" -- set to appear on the new set.

Minus 5's confirmed tour dates:

March 1: Los Angeles (Knitting Factory, with Young Fresh Fellows);
March 3-4: San Francisco (Bottom Of The Hill, with Young Fresh Fellows / Noise Pop Festival);
March 12: New York (Mercury Lounge)

Source: Billboard online

Buck Puts Killing Spree on Hold, Tours with Minus 5