Looper Find New Home With Mute

The cut and paste darlings from Glasgow, Looper, have apparently left Sub Pop and have signed with Mute Records. Stuart David, who jumped ship as bass player from indie folk lords Belle and Sebastian, created his quartet of ninja cutters Looper. Looper released two albums through Jeepster (U.K.) and Sub Pop (U.S.), Up A Tree, and The Geometrid. Months of speculated rumors of the move were confirmed Thursday January 18, with a statement from Mute founder Daniel Miller.

"I am a huge fan of the first two albums so when I heard Looper were looking for a new label it was an obvious one for me to pursue. It's not just their wide range of musical qualities I
admire, but the really strong visual sense they express in all aspects of their work.
This is a very exciting signing for the label."

Looper helped as supporting act for indie outies The Flaming Lips and even jumpstarted their own tour across North America. Looper is in the studio, slicing and dicing tasty loops to serve to your face in 2002 ñ now on Mute Records.

Source: Chart Attack

Looper Find New Home With Mute