Queens Bare It and get Busted In Brazil

The Rock in Rio festival 2001 was packed with top choice meat. Oasis, Beck, Guns and Roses reunified, and some costly on stage antics from Queens Of The Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri. After sliding into his custom mid show birthday suit, Brazilian police escorted off stage and was told to put a pair of pants immediately. Oliveri complied, and returned to rock the 250, 000 South American fans.

Following the set, Police escorted a peaceful Oliveri to a local station where he was held for no more than ten minutes, and could face a stiff fine if charged. Oliveri is used to stripping down on stage and later apologized. "I did not know it was a crime here in Brazil, otherwise I would not have done it. I apologize to the public and the Brazilian people."

Most critics hailed Rated R as one of the best rock records of 2000. Keep your ears open for an exclusive Queens Of The Stone Age rarity on the upcoming 0.19 Cornerstone Player.

Source: NME

Queens Bare It and get Busted In Brazil