David Gray Finds Serendipity with John Cusack Film

Singer / songwriter David Gray has come along way. He is riding high on the wave of success, thanks to the brilliance recorded on his White Ladder album. RCA records has helped propel the shy musician into super stardom, and now Gray is in talks to provide the soundtrack for an upcoming John Cusack film. Serendipity is the project in question, which should be completed in time for Christmas. Gray talked about his work on Serendipity, "Itís just finished, and for temporary purposes they had taken a couple of songs from my Lost Songs album and put them in the film, and they want me to do more." He continued, "They work so well in this particular film that Iím hoping it comes off."

Gray also showed interest in writing new material for the film.

"Iíd really like to write some new songs for the film, and that could happen. "But you know what movies are like; itís a haphazard, political game. Once
the record companies come in and someone buys the rights to the soundtrack, you donít know whatís going to happen. But I think it could be a great thing to do."

This is not the first time Gray's music has or will appeared in a film. Gray's romantic track Sail Away taken from his White Ladder album, was included on the 15 minutes soundtrack, a new Robert De Niro movie, due out in the UK later this year.
Gray spoke briefly about dealing with his inflatable success and how it has made writing new material quite difficult.
"Iíve written quite a few songs, though not as many as I would like." "My life has been pretty much absorbed by the success of White Ladder. Weíre obviously going everywhere and doing everything in order to maximize the trajectory of our record." He added, "So I havenít really had a moment to sit down and distil my thoughts and feelings into the next album."

Source: Music 365

David Gray Finds Serendipity with John Cusack Film