Modest Mouse Become Sad Sappy Suckers

K Records will release old Modest Mouse material (recorded in '94 and '95) consisting of unreleased demos, and early 7"s recorded by K records own Calvin Johnson. Sad Sappy Sucker is the tentative title to the next Modest Mouse release. 21 songs will appear in this rarities record of sorts, with the wonder song Dukes Up making an appearance.
Modest Mouse major label debut The Moon & Antarctica came out in the middle of last year and had quite an impact on the scene. These North-Western Indie rockers have had a strong following since the release of their first Indie Super- Album "This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About" and the transfer to a major label has done nothing but add to the long list of Fans.

The Boys at Epic have not splashed the market with Modest Mouse enough to get their eclectic style across to the masses. Aside from conjuring up old tracks for newer albums, the mice have been dabbling in the film world as well. Lead singer Isaac Brock has said he's interested in doing movies based on his 3 songs titled "Lounge" about a man meeting Satan at a truck stop diner. Sad Sappy Sucker will be available in April via your friends at K records.

Source: Bobby "Digital" Ladewig

Modest Mouse Become Sad Sappy Suckers