Red House Painters Back In Da' House

Sad core veterans Red House Painters are set for a triumphant return this spring, when
they release their first album in four years. Mark Kozelek and crew are to release the follow
up to Songs For A Blue Guitar, which is entitled Old Ramon. The album was to hit
shelves two years ago, but the band held on to it when their Supreme Recordings label folded. This
time around, the band will be spreading their own inimitable brand of gospel via Sub Pop.

Lead singer Kozelek has been keeping himself busy during the four year hiatus, however.
Not only was he a member of the band Stillwater in Cameron Crowe's "Almost
Famous," but he has recorded a solo album consisting, of all things, of AC/DC covers!
For those about to be sad, we salute you!

Source: NME

Red House Painters Back In Da' House