Radiohead Release Date for Amnesiac

Word on the British streets today is that the fifth album from the world's great reclusive band Radiohead, will be released June 4 in the UK. Amnesiac will be released on June 4th in France, and French TV Canal+ will broadcast a concert especially recorded for this sort of "blow up factor" on June 6th. HMV online also confirmed June 4 for the Australian release date, and most other parts of the world can expect to hear Amnesiac the first week of June 2001.

In a recent interview with NME, Radiohead front man Thom Yorke described the forthcoming album as "the sound of what
it feels like to be in the fire". He said:
"It's about the things you forget.
And remembering...if you look at
the artwork for "Kid A", well that's
the fire from afar. 'Amnesiac' is
the sound of what it feels like to be
standing in the fire.

Radiohead are also looking into a role in film soundtracks, either as music supervisors or providing a musical score. Yorke told Spin with a Grin, "yes i suppose we are waiting for the right idea, which is
why Colin and Ed (Greenwood) have gone to the Sundance Festival to join the Hollywood

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Radiohead Release Date for Amnesiac