Blink 182 Prep New Album

The naked running boys from San Diego, Blink 182 are back in the studio, recording the follow up to 1999's comically named Enema of the State. Drummer Travis Barker (he's the one with the corny tattoos) banged out his drum tracks in a speedy three-day session at Larabee East studios in Studio City, California. The watered down punk heroes released their 20 track live album titled the Mark Tom & Travis Show.

The Blinkers tapped producer Jerry Finn (Enema of the State) to twist the knobs for this yet to be named album. Guitarist /Vocalist Tom Delonge and Bassist Mark Hoppus have yet to lay anything down, placing the rest of the recording burden on their shoulders. The record is due out on June 12 on MCA records.

On the promotional crap front, singer Mark Hoppus' sister, Anne, wrapping up a complete book of Blink 182 to coincide with their June album release. Anne has been a key member of the band, doing everything from working the merch booth, to introducing Hoppus and Delonge way back when.

Source: Allstar

Blink 182 Prep New Album