Michael Stipe Debuts Two New Films at Sundance

Is there anyone else but said Stipe man who is a full-fledged international rock superstar, who has his own production company that actually produces quality films (among them Being John Malkovich, Velvet Goldmine, American Movie), and who can go after men or women and dance around like a little imp onstage in a friggin' dress and not get his ass kicked on a regular basis? It's a rhetorical question really. But back to movies Ö li'l Michael's got two more films in the pipeline which premiered at Sundance last week, Stranger Inside, and The Sleepy Time Gal.

Stranger Inside stars newcomer Yolonda Ross and takes un unflinching look into the life and relationships inside a women's correctional facility. The Sleepy Time Gal starts Jacqueline Bisset as un unfulfilled former radio DJ whose bout with cancer magnifies her loneliness and estrangement. It co-stars Martha Plimpton, Nick Stahl, Seymour Cassel, and Amy Madigan.
Look for both of these movies later in the year. Oh yeah, and R.E.M. have a new album out called "Reveal," it'll be release May 27th.

Source: Launch online

Michael Stipe Debuts Two New Films at Sundance