Coming Thru (My Stereo)

You can pretty much tell what you're in for with this EP from Hedrock Valley Beats just by
the cover art. It's what looks to be the inside of a New York subway car circa about 1983, filled
with the requisite graffiti, with two cops with mustaches present. This is going to be a hip-hop
flavored dance track. And it is, indeed. A Big Beat return to form, if you will. Cut from the same
mold as "Renegade Master" by Wildchild or any Freestylers track, "Coming
Thru (My Stereo)" has a sampled vocal line, mad scratching and some serious booty-shaking
beats. Hedrock Valley Beats have managed to produce what Fatboy Slim sadly
missed with the majority of his new record: a good old fashioned party tune.

Hedrock Valley Beats

Coming Thru (My Stereo)