Johnny Depp and Iggy Pop Hook up for Charity

The last time Johnny Depp and Iggy Pop collaborated was in the 1990 John Waters' classic Crybaby film. You remember, "He's a doll, He's a dreamboat, He's a delinquent." The two will team up again, this time on a rock and roll track titled "Hollywood Affair", which will be featured on a charity CD, "Hollywood Goes Wild." The album will raise money for the Southern California Wildlife Waystation, a sanctuary for sick and endangered animals, featuring many of Hollywood's finest attempting to carry a tune.

"Hollywood Goes Wild" will feature
Keanu Reevesí band Dogstar, as well as actors without bands like Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe, Bruce Willis, Jeff Goldblum, Billy Bob Thornton and Juliette Lewis. The album will be released on March 7, on an undetermined label.

Source: Music 365

Johnny Depp and Iggy Pop Hook up for Charity