Dan "The Automator" - Gorillaz, Handsome Boy and The Prodigy

Dan "The Automator" Nakamura is in higher demand than oxygen these days. The Automator is teaming up again with Prince Paul and will release the second installment from the Handsome Boy Modeling School, So...How's Your Girl. The forthcoming album is rumored to have help from Damon Albarn, Thom Yorke, Mike D. and others. The Automator helped with Albarn's side project the Gorillaz, and will be working with The Prodigy on their follow up to The Fat Of The Land.

Nakamura told Sonicnet that he has lent a hand to the mixing of at least one track. "I'm just getting
ready to go into the studio [myself]. I
just did some stuff for the Prodigy.
I was helping work out a mix for
their record. Maybe it's the single, I
don't know." When asked if the Prodigy record is complete Dan said,
"I think they're only like a little bit, or
maybe halfway, done."

Source: NME

Dan "The Automator" - Gorillaz, Handsome Boy and The Prodigy