Depeche Mode Preview Exciter Online

Depeche Mode have released two tracks from their forthcoming CD Exciter on their official web site today. is the destination where you can check out real audio snippets of Dream On and The Sweetest Condition. "Dream On", will be the band's first single and will be released by Mute on
April 23. DM will shoot the video for ""Dream On in February, although they have yet to confirm a director.

Andy Fletcher, from Depeche Mode, talked about the single Dream On and it's importance to the concept of Exciter. "We
worked on "Dream On" first and it was probably the first or second song Martin had written for the album. But I think it's the real defining track of the album. "The mixture of electronic beats with acoustic blues guitar and some really
good lyrics and a great catchy chorus, so it was great that we recorded that song first and I really think it was important and set the way for the rest of the album."

DM will release more songs from Exciter day to day, and have finished mixing the album which is currently being mastered for release on May 14 in the UK and May 15 in the US.

Here is what we will hear on Exciter:

The Sweetest Condition

Dream On

When The Body Speaks


Goodnight Lovers


I Am You.

Source: Music 365

Depeche Mode Preview Exciter Online