Metallica Become Action Figures

Move over Ken and Barbie, here come little plastic Metallica men. A new collection of heavy metal stars Metallica will be molded and shaped into plastic action figures from McFarlane Toys. McFarlane, the creator of Spawn, has dipped his toes into the musical swimming pool before. He has directed videos for Korn, and created similar action figures of Janis Joplin, Rob
Zombie and The Beatles.

McFarlane did create the Metallica crew with Jason Newsted who recently left the band. The action figure creator told MTV that he didn't see this as a problem. "We made The Beatles... John Lennon isn't alive, and The Beatles are no longer together. "So,
Jason was with them for a long time, so it became not
necessarily the true Metallica. It becomes the classic

Source: Music 3w

Metallica Become Action Figures