Nirvana brought it to the mainstream. Many bands have made use of it since, with
differing degrees of success. And Dublin, Ireland's JJ72 utilize it to near perfection. What
I'm talking about is the quiet bit/loud bit dynamic. Nirvana mastered it and paired it with
the vocal stylings of Kurt Cobain while JJ72 offer up the warblings of young
Mark Greaney. Much like their music, Greaney's voice deviates from angelic to
gruff and many points in-between, often in the same song. This Irish trio invokes thoughts of
Jeff Buckley, Placebo, and Puressence, amongst other reference points. A
band with a truly amazing sonic range, employing searing guitars and soaring vocals, JJ72
is already big on the UK indie scene, and, with any justice in this world, will build a similar
following Stateside.