Tuesday Express - Ozzfest CD, Outkast, Hacker Hijinks

In a week brimming with Ozzfest news, it has been announced that there will be a
compilation released from last year's tour. The 2CD set, recorded in Phoenix, entitled Second
Stage Live
, is due out March 27. It will included previously unreleased work from
Disturbed, Taproot and Kittie, amongst others, and will be accompanied by a
re-issue of the out-of-print Ozzfest Live! recording from 1997.

Outkast canceled their European tour so that Big Boi could get back for the birth
of his baby. So, he raced home to Atlanta...just in time to miss the birth his 6 pound, 5 ounce
pre-named son Cross. Oh well, the sentiment was good.

In a truly bizarre and twisted case (yet, not wholly unfunny), a hacker broke into a police broadcast
in Omaha, Nebraska and played 30 seconds of "Jump" by Van Halen while police were
trying to talk a man threatening suicide down from a bridge. Police claim that since the broadcast
was for police radios only, the subject could not have heard it. Hours later, the man changed his mind and came down, but the jokester is, as of now, on the

Source: Tripwire Information Society

Tuesday Express - Ozzfest CD, Outkast, Hacker Hijinks