Creeper Lagoon rock the Mercury Lounge NYC

Creeper Lagoon came out last night, blistered through a short, tight set of their pop-iest songs, and left the room of already converted fans drooling for something moreÖanything more!Öwell, anything but the band playing after them (poor bastards lost the whole crowd after Creeper). Now, this band deserves every bit of praise that they get, and everyone needs to go out and buy the new record (out on Dreamworks April 7, called Take Back the Universe and Give Me Yesterday), so they don't become just another amazing band that gets f***ed around 'til they disintegrate. But back to the showÖ

The live set showcases frontman Ian Sefchick's songs, which tend to be the more straightforward rock tunes (guitarist Sharky Laguana's songs are amazing, but less accessible and suited for the live show). They opened with three of these Ian tunes, all new from the upcoming album, and you could feel the weight of big label expectations in the huge hooks and arena chords. But let's face it, they were fucking great pop songs, and the crowd loved it. They then mixed it up with a mid-tempo song from their 2000 EP, and a couple songs from their acclaimed debut, I Become Small and Go.
The brief show's highlight came at the end with the one-two punch of "Wonderful Love," off the first record, and the new single "Wrecking Ball" which sounds much heavier live, and it totally whipped the audience into a froth. We begged for more, but the Mercury Lounge folks were having none of it, they turned on some bad americana CD and it was all overÖso we all left, talking some similar variation on how much fun Creeper is live.

Source: Ann Bowles

Creeper Lagoon rock the Mercury Lounge NYC