Boy George To Spin in the States

Boy George, once the singer of the 1980's pop band Culture Club, will be coming to the states with decks in hand, spinning a handful of rare DJ sets. The mini tour kicks off Valentine's Day in Las Vegas, and will mark George's first DJ tour of the United States. George is touring to promote his latest DJ mix album, part of the Essential Mix series. The album drops on February 20 on London/Sire.

Boy George Spin Cycle:

Feb. 14, Las Vegas, Ra

Feb. 17, Los Angeles, Giant

Feb. 18, San Francisco, 1015 Folsom

Feb. 21, Chicago, Metro

Feb. 22, Philadelphia, Shampoo

Feb. 23, Washington, D.C., Buzz

Feb. 24-25, Boston, Avalon

Feb. 28, New York, Twilo

Source: All Star

Boy George To Spin in the States