Hannibal - The NY Feeding Frenzy

More often than not, when you are reading a wonderful novel, you ask yourself, could this possibly work on screen? And more often than not, the answer is no way! This is because there is
not enough time to include all the plot detail or the development of
characters or even the passage of time. I thought all of this and more going into the screening of HANNIBAL last night in New York City - on 68/Broadway. How wrong I was on all accounts! This was one of the best films I've ever seen.

You could feel the fever in the air as the crowd gathered in line to await the 8:30 start. To make the mood even more perfect, Mr. Horror himself, Stephen King strolled up to catch the latest sighting of Dr. Lechter. It was so spooky it was wonderful.

The film begins and all my thoughts about the book were out the window. The events flowed so well into each other, at a pace that keeps you literally at the edge of your seat - watching, waiting, wondering. Dr. Lechter is out there on the loose and wanted and someone will be the lucky one to find himÖ or the unlucky one! This sequel is much gorier than the first film. Be prepared, Lechter's
skills are shown to a greater degree. If you read the book and you're thinking, will they show that part and this part - the answer is yes and then some.

Oh and by the way, Jodie who? I didn't think about Jodie Foster for one second. Julianne Moore is brilliant. She adapts the role of Clarice perfectly, and makes it her own and makes it work. The scenes are intense as scary as they are , they are just as beautiful. Shot against a superb Italian background in Florence as well as beautful landscapes in Virginia.

Sir Anthony Hopkins was made for this role - end of story. Hopkins' movements, sarcasim, smoothness, charm and his evil - make Dr. Lechter ultimately someone we end up rooting for. I loved it the whole way through and for you book readers, I mean that...including the ending!

One highlight - Someone brought a baby into the screening and it started crying. Then you see Stephen King get up and start walking up the aisle. I swear, I thought it was going to be PET CEMETARY all over again. This cat is spooky kids, but a brilliant mind.

Hannibal - The NY Feeding Frenzy