Beck is Back with B-sides

Beck loves his fans like a big momma loves her children. The great white hope for sexy soul music will release a B-sides and remix album, featuring mixes by fans that entered an online competition on his official site. The album flies February 20 and will contain rare joints like Nicotine and Gravy as well as a pair of remixes for Mixed Bizness from the competition, where beck himself had the final rule. The album will be $10 and only available on or

Arabian Nights

Dirty Dirty

Midnite Vultures

Mixed Bizness' (Latin-Shot mix by Scatter-Shot Theory)

Mixed Bizness' (Hardmixn by Jake Kozel)

Salt In The Wound

Sexx Laws' (Malibu Remix)


Nicotine And Gravy video

Source: NME

Beck is Back with B-sides