Coldplay & At The Drive In Go Country?

Talk about weird...UK acoustic tunesmiths Coldplay are due to collaborate
with At The Drive-In on a COUNTRY RECORD. Evidently, the two
bands met at The Big Day Out Festival in Australia and immediately hit it off. The
bands bonded on the fact that they both feel they are doing what they do for the
same reason. Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman described what it was that
made the bands get along so well: ìItís funny but we both hate people who think we
shouldnít like other kinds of music than the stuff we play. Theyíre in it for the
music and have so many things going on musically, and so do we.î

Berryman and drummer Will Champion are to perform on the
album, with At The Drive-In's Jim Ward, and the band's name is to
be London Country Rebels. The Coldplay duo expect to head to
Ward's hometown of El Paso for the recording, and want the album to have
a Flying Burrito Brothers feel. Now THIS I've got to hear.

Source: Music 365

Coldplay & At The Drive In Go Country?