Fatboy Slim and Spike Jonze hook up again

That DJ who points both fingers in the air while he spins and shouts ìyeahî a lot, Fatboy Slim, will take direction from Spike Jonze on his next video project. Jonze sat behind the camera for Praise You (featuring the Torrance Community Dancers) and will direct the upcomingìWeapon Of Choiceî video. Norman Cook (Fatboy) spoke with NME at the recent Carling awards. "Working with Spike again was really nice. He's done another video for me for ìWeapon Of Choiceî in America which is Christopher Walken doing tap dancing. Basically the next single for US (in the UK) is Star 69, but the Americans can't cope with having the word ìfuckî quite so many times in it, so they had to pick another single. Simple as that. Too many fucks."

Brown nosing even more Fatboy said, "There's a new film he's (Jonze) just in pre-production with at the moment and I've been dropping all the hints. I would drop my whole career and spend six months doing the soundtrack."
The boy the call fat is prepping the soundtrack for the new Baz Luhrmann flick Moulin Rouge, which stars Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. The film takes place in the late 19th century, and focuses on the famous club.

Source: NME

Fatboy Slim and Spike Jonze hook up again