Bjork grabs Oscar nod, goes Vespertine

Bjork deserves the best and as it looks, the best will be served up on a platter for the singer this year. The Icelandic angel received a nomination for her first Academy Award for Best Original Song "I've Seen It All" with Thom Yorke. The song was pulled from her Selmasongs score for the movie, in which she also starred. As if the Oscar madness wasnít enough, the singer released information on her forthcoming studio album Vespertine. Vespertine is the follow up to Bjorkís 1997 release of Homogenic, a space aged time warp of music.

The album title was rumored Domestika, but if you donít believe us please check (it says Vespertine). Mark ìSpikeî Stent is producing the record, and Bjork will promote the album via live shows in all of the major cities - London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Milan, LA, New York, Tokyo and Sydney.

Bjork spoke about her new album: "It's gone really well, it feels very exciting. It's definitely a place I've never been in before. It seems like an actual continuity of all the places I've been!" She also spoke about her influences for the new record, ìIt's always hard for me to say when I am doing it. I'm staring at some details and it usually isn't until a few years later that I can look at it and it becomes obvious what was the main drive.
"I guess the only thing I can say is that because I held my breath...the selfish side of me, for three years, a lot of things are gushing out that are the opposite of the film. The film was very harsh, quite dark, emotionally brutal. So I guess what I am doing now has got a tendency to be the opposite, which I guess is gentle, humorous, happy and kind."

Source: NME

Bjork grabs Oscar nod, goes Vespertine